Amboyna/Rosewood wood- Stabilised KNIFE handle scales bookmatched- Sold in pairs (1)


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Amboyna/Rosewood wood - Stabilised KNIFE handle scales bookmatched

 Sold in sets of 1 pair

Blanks sizes show on each set 

Weight of approx. 125gr.  

NOTE: Please select the number of the set(s) you want and add it to the "cart" 

These few knife handle scales were cut from a piece of Amboyna/Rosewood that I swapped with a friend some time ago, the piece wasn't big but I thought that having 2 tone colours in it I would cut it as knife handle scales.  The wood itself is very old, this friend had it in hist work-shop for more years he can remember.

 These have been stabilised, the wood is beautiful to work with and takes a nice finish without much trouble.

Scale face was hot waxed for colour/grain enhancement for the pics.


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