Australian #10B Poplar tree Burl STABILISED-Various colours-Knife handles blanks - Sold singly


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Australian #10B Poplar tree Burl STABILISED-Various colours- Knife handle blanks 

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 This burl wood was salvaged in 2016 on a local firewood processing plant, the tree should have been a monster, enormous logs dumped in this location to be cut as firewood, however, I did lose any time in getting permission to slice the logs in any way I wanted so that I could remove the burl areas that were not outside but as part of the trunks.

Unfortunately for me, some logs were left untouched for me to have another go at them but, I didn't do it straight away and when I finally got there, everything has been cut and processed as firewood but what I brought home the first time/load it filled a 7x5 trailer.

Very lightweight wood even after stabilised, the wood doesn't soak completely but what entered the burl has certainly strengthened the burl.


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