Australian #22 Olive root wood high grain Resifills - Small boards - Sold singly


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Australian #22 Olive root wood high grain Resifills - Small boards

Sold Singly 

Blanks sizes of approx. 7"1/4x2"1/4x20 to 23mm

Blanks weight approx. 250gr each

 Please select the blank (s) you want, using the drop-down menu..!

These are Olive root boards that have cracked beautifully, while useless in the natural condition, some Epoxy resin makes them a very usable and pretty pieces to use in many ways such as pen and knife blanks and others. 

There are 4 different colours to select from and while they are shown in pairs (most identical pieces) they are sold singly.

Take note that the wood was not stabilised prior to casting as most of my other castings, however, I believe a lot of resin was soaked but the softwood that these root pieces are composed off.

Blanks were coated with some varnish on one surface only.


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