Australian #30 Bottlebrush trunk wood Resifills -Knife scales - Sold in matched pairs


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Australian #30 Bottlebrush trunk wood stabilised + cast knife scales 

Sold as book-matched pairs

Blanks sizes approx. @ 130x40x10mm

 Pack weight approx. 240gr.

 Please select the pack numbers you want and add them to the "cart"

 First time listed as knife scales blanks, this wood as it dries/ages develop cracks and crevasses that I decided to cast after the wood was stabilised, however, is possible that as the scales are shaped some small areas the resin didn't reach, that can be easily fixed with some glue and matching colour die/pigment. There is also another possibility and that is, it is possible that most of the resin areas are found on the scales outside and those where the outside faces in the molds, the blanks were sliced after the resin was dry.

These are blanks made from the local BottleBrush tree trunk and limbs

The natural colours are amazingly beautiful and contrary to the root material, these are a lot more solid/firm

Very easy to work with, taking any finish quite easily...!


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