Australian #36z Cootamundra Wattle tree wood - PEN blanks Diagonal cut - Packs of 4


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Australian #36z Cootamundra Wattle tree wood - PEN blanks Diagonal cut

Packs of 4 Blanks

Blanks size of approx 20mm square X 130mm long

230gr. Pack x 4 blanks

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 The NEW tree found in September 2011, was an old tree that has been dead for a long time and as always with this wood, the colours just become very vivid after the wood also starts the spalting process, turning the wood from very hard to medium and some soft patches.

I should have called it the "rainbow tree wood" as it has all the rainbows colours in it...!

The older/first tree was found in June-2010, after a exhausting search for a tree that would be dead and had to come down, this one due to Termites.  I have not seen or found this Cootamundra Wattle species anywhere else in fact, I only seen it withing the Mt. Compass town parameter, particularly on the North side of it and a couple of kilometres before hitting town coming from Adelaide way.  

Again, this wood was sourced in the Australian Fleureau Peninsula region, situated about 70km south of Adelaide, at the edge of the hills with the town of Mclaren Vale, very much at its centre. 

The wood is very colourful from bright yellows to reds, browns etc., quite dense and heavy, it produces a distinct smell of "smoked bacon" when cut green and in certain portions of the tree, the wood grain becomes curly/wavy with good chatoyance.


As mentioned previously, half of the tree was dead, the other half was green/alive, both dry and green blanks were processed at the same time however, and while the green blanks were drying, the blanks from the wood of the half dead tree, have  almost sold out so, before they would all disappear, I decided to process/finish the green blanks that are now dry and mix what was left of the first lot with these new blanks, stir them all and then pre-select and wrap the packs of 4 blanks.

There are colours variations that I can't do anything about it, the first blanks were dried and spalted by nature while the green blanks did have spalting nor all the creatures that leave in the soil but, it could not be any more from the same tree species than what they are, both were part of the very same tree...!


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