Australian #39-Z (diag.) Eucalyptus Peninsularis (oil producer) wood - PEN blanks - Sold in packs


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Australian #39-Z (diagonal cut) Eucalyptus Peninsularis (oil producer) tree wood - PEN blanks raw 

Sold in packs of 4 blanks

Blanks size of approx 21mm square X 130mm long

Pack weight of approx. 250gr.  

NOTE: This listing doesn't offer pack(s) choices, blanks/packs are too identical to require such method so, simply select the number of packs you want, on the "quantity"window" and then select  "add to cart"  

These blanks were processed from a green tree that had to be cut due to building construction, on a property not far from here.  The tree itself was in troubles due to a light strike hit, a few months prior.  Its location was not ideal to the new building but, its unsafe condition was a concern to the builders that too the contract to built that house so, I was request to remove and dispose of it.

The Australian Eucalyptus oil, so well know around the world, is extracted from these tree species and other with the same oil production capabilities.  Cutting through it, the smell is noticeable when fresh but the bark (when green) has a great concentration of the oils and therefore, a stronger but pleasant smell...!

These blanks have been drying for a couple of years or more and only now ready to list however, the pen blanks that I have been selling from this wood species until recently, were from a couple of logs that I salvage from a firewood pile, about 9 years ago.

The wood is of medium density and very easy to work with and finish, all blanks were coated with wax, on one of the blank's faces for colour enhancement, only...!


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