"Viking" knife - ZDP189


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Mr. Naumov Konstantin, the knife maker, is based in Omsk-Russia and he wrote the following descriptions for each knife.

To note that, he used the USD$ currency but I had to convert in AU$ as this is the only currency I can used on my listings.

Each of these knifes, are only listed on my web-store due to the fact that, all have handles made with the blanks I make and the fact that, he really does exceptional work.

Please select the knife you like and add it to your cart.  Upon payment, notification will be sent immediately to Mr.Naumov in Russia and the knife will be sent by him.

The shipping costs are already included in the prices he provided.


*- Knife "Viking" - ZDP 189 blade a laminate heat treatment was made in Japan by Hatta firm  of 152-25-3 mm a handle white metal, a mammoth tusk white and brown and the stabilized Bottle Brush trunk (Banksia sub-species) of 120-25 mm the cost of 330 USD$ (a postage is included!)

This wood is in my "timbers list" as #30 


*- Knife of "Zulus" a blade of CPM S30V 120-20-4.5 of mm a handle made with stabilized and then cast, Platypus Gum Burl "carved by Termites" metal of 110 mm a leather sheath and subweight, beads acrylic, cost of 310 USD$ (a postage is included!)

This wood is in my timbers list as #26B


*- "the Nightingale - the Robber" A knife for a survival, the blade the handle forged H12MF 200-40-5 mm "Banksia pod" white metal of-120 mm. a sheath wooden with skin. Diamond whetstone for sharpening and a lighter, leather subweight with "Banksia pod" and  agate-450 USD

The handle is made from #45 Banksia Hairy pod Resifill blanks


*- "Karabas" - not so modest knife "Karabas", a forged blade and handle H12MF 200-40-5 mm dressed in the handle with the Australian #24 Cork tree wood cast in Epoxy resin.  Tooth of a cachalot, Gardo white metal of 135-40-23 mm leather subweight with agate, a sheath made with afzelia wood and skin, fire started and a diamond sharpener of-500 USD

The handle was made with my #24 Cork tree wood Resifill.

*- "Abrek" H12MF steel blade dagger of 230-26-4.5 mm handle Banksia Hairy pod, sheath beech skin white metal cost 400USD


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